Wipro To Take User Business Beyond $1 Billion In This Fiscal

Wipro To Take User Business Beyond $1 Billion In This Fiscal

WCCL (Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting) has surfaced from the shadows of its parent company and is ready to cross $1 Billion in income this financial year. Some of the development in recent years has arrived from the success of the company in China. A sturdier foothold in Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia, and the sustained profits of Indian collection headed by the Chandrika and Santoor brands have also assisted. This data was given by CEO Vineet Agrawal to the media in an interview.

Wipro To Take User Business Beyond $1 Billion In This Fiscal


WCCL, fraction of the unlisted group of Wipro Enterprises, posted $908 Million in income in this fiscal. When Agrawal took control back in 2002, it was just Rs 300 Crore. The department was violent with acquirements to allow international development. It has invested almost $650 Million on acquirements, comprising $250 Million that it invested on purchasing Unza Holdings (personal care products maker of Singapore) in 2007. Unza is currently a brand worth $75 Million.

Almost 2 Years back, WCCL purchased Zhongshan Ma Er to get a sturdy foothold in the China. The Chinese industry now adds up $125 Million to the business of WCCL and 15% of this commerce is boosted by e-commerce websites. Of the in general incomes of its personal care sales, 50% arrives from out of India and through all of these brands it obtained.

“When we obtained Unza, we made the blunder of branching it out all over China. What we then did was to aim on only Guangdong. And we aimed select segments such as bath, shower, liquid detergents, and roll-ons. Almost 75–80% of our business in China now arrives from there. It has famous cities such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen. This one state has a GDP more than $1 Trillion,” Agrawal claimed to the media in an interview this week here.

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