Whistleblower Dubey Says Fraud Perpetrated During the UPA

Whistleblower Dubey Says Fraud Perpetrated During the UPA

Dinesh Dubey, Allahabad Bank’s ex officer said that the UPA, led by Congress, could have acted to stop the huge bank scam of India. He claimed that he showed concerns to give loans to the jewelry company, Gitanjali Gems. It is one of the firms that are under inquiry by Crime Bureau of Investigation for the PNB fraud case.

Whistleblower Dubey Says Fraud Perpetrated During the UPA

He said that he conveyed a disagree note to the RBI and UPA government against the bank loan asked by Gitanjali Gems in the year 2013. But he was pressured to approve the loan, after which he resigned.

In the note, he clearly mentioned that the jewellery company should first return its previous loan of Rupees 1,500 crore before the bank could permit a fresh loan. The owner of Gitanjali Group is the uncle of Nirav Modi, celebrity designer and Mehul Choksi, the business partner.

The Bharatiya Janata Party, which was attacked by Congress for this bank scam and the escape of Nirav Modi, rapidly showed the statement that Mr. Dubey made to hit Mr. Gandhi back.

Prakash Javadekar, the Union Minister, suggested that there must possibly be a link between Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Nirav Modi’s exhibition and pressure given on bankers to pass the loan.

He added that it was the BJP government’s alertness due to which such bank cases are being exposed in front of the media and public.

It came under the spotlights after BJP made the bank norms stricter.

The PNB, a nationalized bank hit hard by the mega fraud case a month back when companies connected to Nirav Modi asked for purchaser’s credit to make payments to supplier abroad. As the bank had not set credit limit, the official said Gitanjali Groups to mention the total amount as guarantee so PNB could issue letters of undertaking. When the bank scanned through past records, it found no copy of any such transaction.

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