Toronto firefighter found in California reportedly suffered head trauma

A Toronto fire master who was found Tuesday in a California air terminal six days after mysteriously disappearing from a ski resort in New York State would likely have suffered a traumatic brain injury somewhere along the way. said Wednesday the US authorities.

Constantinos “Danny” Filippidis was unable to explain to the police what had happened between his stay near Lake Placid and his presence 4700 km away in Sacramento, the county sheriff’s office said.

The fire captain only believes that he has traveled much of this distance in a heavy truck and that he has not been a victim of crime.

Mr. Filippidis, 49, had gone with friends and colleagues on an annual ski vacation to Whiteface Mountain in the Adirondacks. That’s the last thing he can remember with some precision, the Sheriff’s office said on Wednesday.

According to Frank Ramagnano, President of the Toronto Association of Firefighters, Mr. Filippidis was hanging out behind his friends for a final descent last Wednesday when he disappeared around 2:30 pm

His disappearance had, of course, triggered extensive research by various US services and even by firefighters in Toronto, who spent a total of 7000 hours combing the rugged environment of Whiteface Mountain.

No investigation in California

Mr. Filippidis finally reappeared six days later at Sacramento Airport on Tuesday and communicated with the police by identifying himself as a missing person in New York State. When the police arrived, he was still wearing his snow pants and winter boots and was still dragging his ski helmet.

The sheriff’s office in Sacramento will not investigate because Mr. Filippidis does not appear to have been involved in a criminal act.

After a short stay in the hospital, Mr. Filippidis had to return to his relatives, who wish to live this moment in intimacy, said Mr. Ramagnano.

Mr. Filippidis, however, agreed to go through Lake Placid first to answer questions from investigators, who would like to understand what happened, said Wednesday at a press conference Major John Tibbitts of the State Police New York.

“For now, we only want to help Danny [Filippidis] recover six days of his life and we ask the people not to jump to conclusions. “

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