The Petition To Get Rid Of Newest Snapchat Upgrade Gets 1 Million Signatures

The Petition To Get Rid Of Newest Snapchat Upgrade Gets 1 Million Signatures

More than 1 Million users have signed an online appeal referring to Snap Inc. to dispose of “ineffective new functions” put into practice in their newest upgrade to Snapchat. After launching out a new update for the app, Snap Inc. has been encountered with a number of resistances, which has now on resulted in a petition to convey back the older edition of the app.

The Petition To Get Rid Of Newest Snapchat Upgrade Gets 1 Million Signatures

The appeal was generated by Nic Rumsey and he thinks that “Most of the ‘new functions’ are ineffective or overcome the initial purposes that Snapchat has consisted from the beginning.” And up to now, more than a million users have inked on the agreement.

One of the functions he might be favoring to is the division between media and friends’ ‘Snapchat Stories’, which are collections of short videos that vanish post 24 Hours. Prior to this, when consumers might need to see these “stories,” they might have them all jointly on a single page. Now the stories from publishers/media are in another area and friends are in different area.

The latest redesign of the well-liked photo-sharing application aimed on dividing media content from that of friends among a series of other interface alterations. With the latest alterations, Snapchat Stories now comes into view with direct messages and individual Snaps. “Many consumers have discovered that it has not made the app simpler to employ but has in actual fact made many functions more hard,” the petition claims.

“There is an universal level of irritation among consumers and most of them have made a decision to employ a VPN app to head back on to the old version of the app. “This petition plans to assist talk into Snap Inc to alter the application back to the way it was, prior to this new update of this year,” it claims.

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