Security Alerts Sparked Off In Maldives Owing To Chinese Observatory

Security Alerts Sparked Off In Maldives Owing To Chinese Observatory

China’s ocean observatory in Maldives sparks fresh security threats for India. The opposition leaders of Maldives claimed that the observation station will also host military application along with prearrangement’s for a base that will shelters submarines.

Security Alerts Sparked Off In Maldives Owing To Chinese Observatory

The location of the observatory in Makunudhoo, island in the north towards the extreme west which is not far from India, will facilitate China to get an angle of a significant shipping route via Indian Ocean by means of which several traders and vessels pass, as per the sources in Male. The location is uneasily near to the Indian waters and check red lines regarding liaison with Maldives.

Indian officials affirmed that an authorized agreement between Maldives and China for the establishment of the observation station has been made final previous year. However, they said they will evaluate the particular of the contract before making any comment.

A major opposition party’s leader in Maldives said that it will be a challenge for India to make sure the observatory does not become another noteworthy addition to the geopolitical theory on potential Chinese intentions in the Indian Ocean region, encircling one that undercuts the long-established security liaison of India with Maldives.

The concern for India is the plan of observation station seems upsettingly similar to Beijing’s announcement for SCS previous year.

Brahma Chellaney, expert in Strategic affairs opined India should mark this as a red line concern and warn Maldives and China that allowing such ocean observatory is out of question.

The crisis in Maldives left no easy options for India and any step to incline excessively on the present government can subvert the situation and amplify the risk of civil turbulence. The international bodies are eagerly waiting for India’s reaction to this issue. Until now, India has persisted Abdulla Yameen, the president of Maldives, to reinstate democratic operation but avoided urgings of intervening militarily.

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