Reversing The Brexit Decision Would Be Disastrous Says Mr Boris

Reversing The Brexit Decision Would Be Disastrous Says Mr Boris

Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary for United Kingdom commented that if Britain decides to go back to European Union that will be destructive for the economy.

Reversing The Brexit Decision Would Be Disastrous Says Mr Boris

Mr. Boris tried to showcase a bright picture for the British economy after Brexit. Fears are still lingering in the Marley about Britain’s future after it quits EU and Boris informs it will be more damaging for the country if they decide to go back to an outdated union.

British government has come up with a campaign to bring in awareness about Brexit and remove fear from the hearts of commons and investors and the initiative is known as ‘Road to Brexit.’ He termed European Union as a backdate economic group. This was the first speech delivered by the secretary as a part of the campaign. He said European Union had noble ideas when it was started but now it is not par with the modern way of running business. He also went ahead to comment that as Britain adopts Brexit now, later when this endeavor succeeds history books will have excerpts written about how the country boosted its economy with this strategy.

He supported the present Prime Minister of UK, Theresa May, by saying that the PM has cure to the faltering Brexchosis. When press asked him how committed is he to stay in the office if his Brexit strategy fails and his colleagues turn against him, Boris avoided the question by complimenting his luck to have the opportunity to serve the nation.

May is still looking for support at the Cabinet to get approval for Brexit and Boris feels if the cabinet denies this step then it will be a historic mistake for the country.

Boris is a veteran leader in politics and aged 53 years; he beckoned the public in his speech to come together and bring up a confident United Kingdom.

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