Patrick Brown accuses CTV News of lying

The fallen Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown again used his Facebook page to deny the allegations against him. He now accuses CTV News of broadcasting a report with false allegations that led to his resignation.

Radio-Canada could not independently verify either Patrick Brown’s allegations or alleged victims.

The report, released on January 24, reports allegations of two women’s sexual misconduct against Patrick Brown. CBC / Radio-Canada was able to talk to one of the two women involved . She has reaffirmed her testimony.

Patrick Brown points out that one of the two women involved in the CTV News report changed some of the details of her story : she initially said she was a high school student at the time of her allegations and had offered her alcohol.

She later stated that she had finished high school when the interaction with Patrick Brown took place.

The significance of this change in history is monumental.

Patrick Brown, on his Facebook page

In an interview broadcast Wednesday at dinner time by the Global Network, Patrick Brown says he believes he is a victim of a coup by his “political opponents” he does not name.

He explains that he was ahead of the polls and that his party had money. “Everything indicated that I was going to become prime minister,” he said, referring to the June 7 provincial election.

He believes that the women who made the allegations might have been manipulated.

CTV News persists

In a press release, the CTV News network maintains that the facts broadcast in the January 24 report are accurate.

The allegations of Patrick Brown about our reports are wrong. […] His attacks on our journalistic practices are unfounded and false.

Matthew Garrow, Director of Communications, CTV News

Patrick Brown continues to defend himself against the allegations of the two women who forced him to resign as leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario.

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By Rita Goldring

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