Online Shoppers Liable To Change Brands Over Poor Digital Experience

Online Shoppers Liable To Change Brands Over Poor Digital Experience

When a survey was conducted, it was discovered that almost 90% of users are likely to carry on switching to a brand that is a key rival if they have an “disappointing” experience using an online product. This experience is also known as digital experience.

Online Shoppers Liable To Change Brands Over Poor Digital Experience

Digital experience is nothing but the digital communication between customers and a brand as part of transaction, discovery, support or delivery of a service or product. As per the report by the SAP India Digital Experience, in today’s era, digital experiences can break or make a fortune for the brand. The survey also showcased some shocking results. As per the survey, only 8% users would carry to remain loyal to a brand despite being disappointed with their digital experience.

Fascinatingly, users are, on a regular basis, 5x more eager to share personal information with organizations across industries when they are pleased with the digital experience. Further, it was discovered that 59% users claimed that they were pleased with their digital experience, while 15% said exactly the opposite.

The report from the survey also added that, “Pleased users are almost 10x more likely to stay faithful. One out of 10 satisfied customers will stay loyal with the brand. Digital experiences are impacted by aspects such as on-demand availability, security and safety, and looking for an individual’s requirement.”

The report, which studied almost 3,000 users in the country, discovered users ranking sectors like banking and automotive prior to government, utilities, and telecom operators when it comes to their digital experience.

Managing Director and SAP Indian Subcontinent President Deb Deep Sengupta said that digital transformation will be vital for boosting the growth of economy of the country. He further added, “The report confirms the necessity for the industry to recognize ‘Digital Business Leaders’ who can deal with the digital experience that customer receives from their businesses.”

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