Now You Can Enjoy 3D Movies At Home Without Any Glasses

Now You Can Enjoy 3D Movies At Home Without Any Glasses

MIT researchers have designed a new network that can permit customers to watch 3D movies at home without the need to wear problematic special glasses. While 3D movies carry on to be admired in theatres, they have failed to make the leap to our houses just yet. Theatres normally either employ polarized light or show a duo of imagery that creates a replicated sense of depth.

Now You Can Enjoy 3D Movies At Home Without Any Glasses

To really get the effect of 3D, consumers have to put on glasses, which have proved to be too problematic to make much of a market for 3D televisions. At the moment, scientists from the U.S at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) plan to modify that with “Home3D.” It is a new system that transforms conventional 3D movies into a format that is well-matched with supposed automultiscopic displays from the old stereo.”

These displays are frequently enhancing in resolution and showcase great talent for home theatre systems, scientists claimed to the media. “Automultiscopic displays are not as admired as they could be since they can’t really operate the stereo formats that conventional 3D movies employ in the theatres,” claimed Petr Kellnhofer, from Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science Laboratory of MIT.

“By transforming current 3D movies to this type, our system assist unlock the door to taking 3-D TVs into homes of the people,” Kellnhofer claimed to the media in an interview. Home3D can work on a Graphics Processing Unit in real-time, indicating it can operate on a system such as a PlayStation or an Xbox. The group claimed that in the future Home3D might take the shape of a chip that can be attached into media players such as Chromecast by Google or TVs.

The algorithms for Home3D also permit users customize the experience of viewing movie, dialing down or up the preferred level of 3D for any selected movie, scientists said to the media in an interview.

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