No Support For Separatists, Trudeau Asserts To Punjab CM

No Support For Separatists, Trudeau Asserts To Punjab CM

Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada affirmed the Chief Minister of Punjab, Amarinder Singh that Canada supports united India and will not be offering any support to the separatist movement, anywhere.

The assurance came from the Canadian Prime Minister after Amarinder Singh raised the issue of Khalistan and asked for his cooperation to detangle the components in Canada which are working towards the destabilization of Punjab in order to create a separate state for the Sikhs.

No Support For Separatists, Trudeau Asserts To Punjab CM

After a brief meeting of 40 minutes, Singh said that the Khalistan issue was raised by him to address the primary concern as capital is flowing in from numerous countries that also include Canada.

The CM of Punjab communicated with the 6 ministers who were accompanying the Canadian PM. Previously, he had refused to interact with the Defense Minister of Canada, Harjit Singh Sajjan as he believed some of the ministers of Trudeau’s cabinet to be sympathizers of Khalistan.

However, the PM made it very clear that he has never supported the separatist sentiment and will never do the same.

During the meeting, he said that he is well aware of the said movement in Quebec and also assured that he is aware of the dangers associated with it.

A list of 9 operatives from Canada, who are alleged to be associated with the crimes in Punjab, has been handed over to Trudeau. These people have been financing the terrorist actions and also offering financial assistance to them.

Trudeau assured Singh that he will be taking care of the concerns pointed by him. He will definitely look forward to enhancing the ties between Canada and India, especially Punjab.

After the family of Trudeau along with the ministers visited the Golden Temple, the meeting took place.

The CM sought cooperation from Canada in the issues like crime, drugs, and terrorism in favor of the international and national security.

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