No Communalization Of Our Brave Hearts – Says Army

No Communalization Of Our Brave Hearts - Says Army

The Indian army issued a strong statement against parliamentarian Asaduddin Owaisi’s comments about slain Muslim soldiers in Sunjuwan, stating that it does not communalize its martyrs like politicians do.  The Commander in Chief of Northern Command Lt. General Devraj Anbu stated to reporters that the army does not distinguish its soldiers on their religious affiliations and they live together as a family. Outsiders that are not aware of army’s functioning mechanism are likely to make such comments. This was said by the officer when reporters asked him for opinions about Asaduddin Owaisi’s remarks stating that people questioning patriotism of Muslims were silent on the subject of Muslim soldiers killed during the recent terrorist attack at an army camp in Jammu.

No Communalization Of Our Brave Hearts - Says Army

Mr. Owaisi had referred to soldiers that were killed in the Sunjuwan army camp saying that when five Kashmiri Muslims have sacrificed their lives for the nation how can they be ignored and their integrity be questioned along with their love for India. This shows the so-called nationalists that appear on prime time television debates and criticize the nationalism of Muslims in Kashmir and elsewhere like him. Mr. Owaisi is the leader of AIMIM based in Hyderabad and represents them in parliament.

The army commander stated that the JeM or Jaish-e-Mohammed was working with other Pakistan based terrorist groups like Lashkar e-Taiba and Hizbul Mujahideen to attack soft targets like military camps and family quarters. This showed their frustration as they were failing at border outposts that were repelling them effectively. Four terrorists from Pakistan’s Jaish-e-Mohammed had attacked an army family housing unit in Sunjuwan and killed seven people including a civilian. Lt. Gen Anbu also mentioned that the large presence of local Kashmiri residents during the funeral of slain soldier Mohammed Ashraf Mir was a testimony against politicians trying to communalize army.

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