Netanyahu’s Close Aide To Turn As State Witness

Netanyahu’s Close Aide To Turn As State Witness

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister is facing fresh threat challenging his tenure from one of his closest confidants who has agreed to speak against him in a graft probe. A media report in Israel stated that two fresh charges of corruption have emerged against the beleaguered Netanyahu who is already facing a long litany of complaints against him two of which have been recommended by the local police. This fresh revelation has led to speculations that he will either call for early elections or may be forced to move out of office.

Netanyahu’s Close Aide To Turn As State Witness

Shlomo Filber was a close ally and aide of Netanyahu for more than 20 years and was also the director general of the nation’s communications ministry in the past. Israeli media have confirmed that he may agree to become a witness of the state to escape a long jail term for corruption. The police have not publicly confirmed the speculation. The man was arrested during the weekend by the police examining leads that Netanyahu made policies to benefit Israeli telecom giant Bezeq that is controlled by Shaul Elovitch in exchange for showing the PM in positive light through his news site Walla! Filber is under suspicion of mediating the deal and pushing regulatory policies that earned millions for Bezeq.

Two senior level executives of the telecom major were also arrested on Sunday whose remand has been extended till February 26, 2018. While the prime minister has not been named in the investigation, two of his aides have been accused of offering promotion to a judge to drop a court case against Netanyahu’s wife. These two aides were Nir Hefetz and Eli Kamir that are media advisors of the family in the past. The Israeli police stated that had enough grounds to indict Netanyahu on two cases of bribery and breach of public trust though he denied all the allegations.

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