Meeting Planned, Cancelled Between North Korea And Pence

Meeting Planned, Cancelled Between North Korea And Pence

Michael Richard Pence, the American Vice President and officials from North Korea planned for a secret meeting at the time of Winter Olympic, but Pyongyang disrupted the meeting after Pence criticized mistreatment from the brutal government.

Meeting Planned, Cancelled Between North Korea And Pence

Michael Pence never for once interacted with the North Korean officials; although he shared the same slot as them in the Winter Olympics’ opening ceremony. He didn’t even shake hands with Kim Yong Nam, the ceremonial head of North Korea.

Heather Nauert, the spokesperson of State Department mentioned in a statement that During Mr. Pence’s latest trip to South Korea to show associated resolution and support US athletes, a possibility of a brief meeting with North Korean leaders rose.

The Vice President was all set to make use of this opportunity to discuss and ask North Korea to dump their illegal ballistic missile and nuclear experiments.

She added, at the final moment, North Korean officials cancelled the meeting. US feel sorry for their failure to grab this opportunity.

North Korea didn’t wanted the Vice President of America to stand on the world stage and bring attention to exhibit their strong association with those dedicated to utmost pressure campaign.

However, this visit was determined to oppose the ill doings of Kim and whitewash his murderous government with polite photo opportunity at the Olympics.

This could be the reason, North Korea walked away without sitting for the meeting.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have involved in sequence of personal abuses.

However, as tension grew among the Washington and North Korea, the Olympic Games evoked a quick settlement between North and South Korea who still are at war technically.

The President came to a decision that if DPRK want to talk or ask for a meeting, US would be ready for that. They will convey their unbending message. Trump also clarified that until they show consent to completely denuclearize, they are not willing to negotiate or change their positions.

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