Indian Origin Teacher’s Heroic Deed Saves Life In Florida Killing

Indian Origin Teacher’s Heroic Deed Saves Life In Florida Killing

Shanthi Viswanathan, a math teacher from Indian origin was saluted for saving her students from getting killed in the shooting riot at a high school in Florida in which 17 were killed.

When, for the second time the alarm rang on Wednesday, Shanthi Viswanathan closed the doors and windows in the classroom where she was taking algebra. She asked the students to bend down on floor. This is how she kept the students out of the sight and reach of the terrorist.

Indian Origin Teacher’s Heroic Deed Saves Life In Florida Killing

Dawn Jarboe, one of her student’s mothers, said that she quickly used her common sense and acted really fast.

When SWAT, a selected team of police came to knock the door and asked her to open, Shanthi thought it could be the gunman’s trap to enter the room. She asked the knocker to break the door or use a key to open. She didn’t open it by any means.

Biran, son of Dawn Jarboe and Ms Viswanathan’s student texted that SWAT police opened the window and helped them get out of the room.

Nikolas Cruz, an ex student of the same school, entered into the high school premise located in Parkland, Florida on February 14, 2018, and blank fired with AR-15 in which 2 staff members of the school and 15 students got killed.

The motive behind such killings has not yet been found.

However, the gunman had a disturbed childhood and previously said that he will shoot up school in a YouTube video.

The matter was given to FBI, but media says the investigation is closed without locating the criminal.

The shooter dropped his gun during the chaos and ran away. Later, he was caught in a nearby town within 40 minutes.

As per, the total Broward County nestles 22,600 Indian people. However, among the dead, no one was of Indian origin.


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