Impossible to win with some Tim Hortons coffee cups

Tim Hortons coffee cups from the “ROLL Roll to Win” contest were printed without a message telling customers if they had won or not. These goblets have been distributed in the Atlantic and leave customers in the dark.

Consumers have a bad surprise when they finish their hot drink, bought at Tim Hortons. Tabs, on which they should learn whether they have won a prize or not, carry no message.

The company explains that there was a printing error. “It’s an unfortunate mistake by a supplier who is getting a small amount of XL size cups in the Atlantic and Alberta,” Tim Hortons said in a statement on Thursday afternoon.

The company is unable to confirm how many cups are affected by this error, but it ensures that the amount of prizes distributed to Canadians has not been affected.

Many customers, especially in Newfoundland and Labrador, have reported defective cups.

The company claims that customers who have received these cups can visit any Tim Hortons restaurant and get a free hot drink.

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By Amanda Sharman

Amanda Sharman is a graduate a nursing (RN) from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay. She’s based in Brantford but enjoys traveling whenever possible. Amanda has written for CBC, Motherboard and the Huffington Post. Amanda is a health and science reporter, focusing issues affecting families.

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