HC Denies Exclusive Access Of Terminal 1 Of Delhi Airport To IndiGo

HC Denies Exclusive Access Of Terminal 1 Of Delhi Airport To IndiGo

The High Court of Delhi has given a strong decision stating that Terminal 1 of New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport cannot be allotted to private airlines IndiGo Airlines for its exclusive use. Upholding the recent directive by Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL) asking the airline to shift some of its operations from Terminal 1 to 2 of the airport the court observed that officials were not acting harshly. While turning down IndiGo’s proposal to dedicate Terminal 1 for exclusive use by the airline and moving operations of low cost airlines SpiceJet to Terminal 2, the bench stated that it was not in the good of general public to make such a move.

HC Denies Exclusive Access Of Terminal 1 Of Delhi Airport To IndiGo

The bench led by Justices Hima Kohli and Rekha upheld the earlier order of a single judge that had earlier accepted DIAL’s decision. The judges stated that, as the request for shifting operations was only temporary measure as Terminal 1 was being renovated for improving its capacity, Indigo could resume operations once the work was complete. Merely by showing the power of its sheer size of operations and large turnover of passengers, IndiGo could not request for preferential treatment.

As other low cost airlines like GoAir, SpiceJet and others would accuse the DIAL of partisan policies if it went ahead with IndiGo’s proposal, since the move would push them into an insignificant region of the airport, the bench dismissed the appeal.  Just to suit the corporate interests of a goliath like IndiGo, the airport could not hurt the business prospects of small airlines whose current passenger volume was less said the judge. The bench refuted the claims of IndiGo’s counsel of arbitrary decision by stating that DIAL has tried to balance everyone’s interests according to available space as there were severe constraints due to high volume of passenger traffic at the airport.

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