Former Engineer Takes Legal Action Against Google Over Discrimination

Former Engineer Takes Legal Action Against Google Over Discrimination

A previous worker has taken legal action against Google for harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, and retaliation accusing that the firm removed him over writing internal pro-diversity posts. This data was given by sources that were well aware of the matter to the media in an interview to the media. As per a report in Gizmodo late this week, a former site-reliability engineer and software developer at Google, Tim Chevalier, was removed from work in November last year after he made various internal posts in opposition to sexism and racism.

Former Engineer Takes Legal Action Against Google Over Discrimination

Chevalier had reacted to the anti-diversity memorandum authored by James Damore. Damore is another worker who was fired from the firm in 2017 for criticizing the tech behemoth for its diversity guideline, claimed the above mentioned sources. “Chevalier, who is queer, transgender, and disabled, blames that Google was unsuccessful to defend its minority, female, and LGBTQ workers from harassment on interior forums, but was speedy to burst down on those workers when they expressed their experiences with sexism, racism, and homophobia at the office,” Gizmodo posted.

In an interview to The Verge, Chevalier claimed: “It is a mean irony that the company made an attempt to give good reason for firing me by stating that my posts on social networking displayed bias in opposition to my harassers.” In a latest verdict, the NLRB (National Labour Relations Board) of the U.S. shot down Damorea’s grievance, claiming that Google did not infringe labor rules when it removed him, as per the sources and media insiders.

A lawyer of NLRB claimed that Google removed the computer engineer not for showing the criticism or dissenting views, but over defenseless discriminatory claims in his memorandum, which he had reported to interior discussion forums at the tech behemoth. In his court case filed in a court at California, Damore claimed that Google belittled, ostracized, and punished him as well as a fellow applicant.

Posts from Chevalier were also quoted in lawsuit in opposition to Google form Damore. As per Google, the firm was imposing its policy in opposition to the marketing of harmful labels. “A significant part of our civilization is lively debate. But similar to any place of work, that does not mean anything goes wrong. All workers accept our workplace policies and code of conduct, under which marketing damaging stereotypes on the basis of gender or race is banned,” claimed Gina Scigliano, a spokesperson of Google, to the media.

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