Caroline Mulroney requests a debate in French

After Christine Elliott asked for two additional debates on Twitter – one in the north and one in the southwest – Caroline Mulroney outdid herself by replying to Elliott’s tweet to demand a debate. in French, Tuesday.

The two candidates for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario made these statements while two debates between the candidates were announced, one in Toronto and one in Ottawa .

As a first step, Ms. Elliott acknowledged the short time between the election of a successor to Patrick Brown and the Ontario election campaign. But in a letter sent to the chair of the leadership race organizing committee, she said the party must not lose sight of the fact that the future success of a PC government and economic prosperity are spreading across the province.

“That’s why I ask that we reconsider the holding of two other debates, in addition to those planned for Toronto and Ottawa,” she wrote in her letter.

“Given the economic importance of Northern Ontario, unique in itself, we need to show our support as a candidate for Progressive Conservative leadership and debate ideas for creating jobs in the North. In the south-west, voters deserve a solution to offset the job losses in the manufacturing sector, in addition to high electricity rates, “the letter reads.

Ms. Elliott then invited her opponents Doug Ford, Caroline Mulroney and Tanya Granic Allen to support him and to ask for these two other debates as well.

Following Ms. Elliott’s exit, Ms. Mulroney seconded the original request and added to it by requiring a debate in French. “We can not reach everyone in our rich and diverse province by only debating in English,” she said in her tweet.

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By Megan Lancaster

Megan Lancaster is a seasoned journalist with over 20 years experience as a columnist and beat reporter. While studying journalism at Ryerson University In Toronto, Megan wrote her thesis on media influence on local politics. As a contributor to Cambridge Daily Mirror, Megan mostly covers politics.

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