AI And ML To Affect Indian Workplace Practices

AI And ML To Affect Indian Workplace Practices

More than 60% of producers in India think that new-age techs are going to affect their place of work practices. They believe that it the upcoming big disturber in the sector, a new report claimed this week. As per a worldwide report by Adobe, the software major, more than 50% respondents did not feel worried by machine learning or artificial intelligence (AI). Adobe involved over 5,000 marketing and creative professionals all over the Asia Pacific (APAC) area.

AI And ML To Affect Indian Workplace Practices

On the other hand, 27% in India claimed that they were very concerned about the affect of these new techs. Creative professionals in India are worried that new techs will take over their occupations. But they recommended that since they grip machine learning and AI, creative professionals will be allowed to elevate their value via design thinking.

“While machine learning and AI offer a break to save creative professionals and mechanize processes in daily production, it is not a substitute to the job of creativity,” claimed Managing Director of Adobe South Asia, Kulmeet Bawa, to the media in an interview.

Speaking of the profit of Adobe, the shares of the company were up at record level of $146 almost by 4% in after-market deal this week. Adobe has been going deeper into subscription services based on cloud. These services have a more unsurprising income stream in opposition to the income from the trade of software that are packaged and licensed. Income in digital media business of the company, whose most prestigious product is the Creative Cloud, increased to $1.21 Billion by 29% in the quarter one, thrashing estimate of the analysts of $1.17 Billion.

Creative Cloud comprises the web video building application Flash and popular photo-editing software of the company Photoshop. The Behance online creative community of the company has more than 9 Million users.

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