A Unique Initiative Of Science Teacher, “Blood Test Prior Marriage”

A Unique Initiative Of Science Teacher, “Blood Test Prior Marriage”

Sabang’s science teacher, Lakshman Chandra Berahas been arguing and advocating the blood test cause prior to marriage. Lakshman stated that prior to marriage bride and groom is mandatory to have a blood test done for leading a happy and healthy future instead of matching the horoscope.

A Unique Initiative Of Science Teacher, “Blood Test Prior Marriage”

He married his daughter on Monday but before they tie the knot, he ensured to get the blood test done and set an example for the rest. Not only the groom but the bride was also participated for the procedure. Before the marriage, Lakshman organized the need for a blood test discussion amongst the village while arranging for a “Blood Test” camp at the setting. Not only the blood test procedure was arranged but also “HIV Screening” was organized at the venue.

Pamphlets were distributed along with the wedding invitation and the guests, other people attended the discussion were patiently listening and observing the aim behind such topic. The aim of the science teacher Bera was to trigger the awareness amongst the masses and educate them with issues related to blood and health. The Chief Health Officer of West Midnapore, Girish Chandra Bera also appreciated his initiative.

The professor from Kalyani also the groom Rathin Biswas has immediately had immediately accepted the proposal by father-in-law for undertaking the blood test without any objection. The bride and daughter of Bera, Sunita readily supported the decision by her father.

The science teacher Bera commenting on his initiative mentioned that there were people who laughed at him and his thought while avoiding his efforts and importance of blood test and other health check-ups before marriage. He added further that all these he calmly waited for the right moment to arrive and started implementing his thoughts with his family.

Chaitanya Chandra Das, the headmaster of Narayanbarh High School warmly appreciated and accepted the initiative. Das commenting on the initiative of Bera mentions that this initiative was unique and he never came across something like this. He was amazed to experience the positive talks on the blood test importance, especially during the marriage ceremony.


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