12 Year Old Dies After Being Attacked By Unidentified People

A group of unknown people had attacked a 12-year-old boy and killed him. They had also attacked his mother and sister and had beaten them brutally. This incident took place in Villupuram. The family was attacked on February 22 but it became publicly known on Monday. It is suspected that the sister and mother of the dead Dalit boy had been raped. The police stated that such allegations will be cleared after their medical reports come back.

The mother-daughter pair was taken to Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research for treatment. The police is still investigating into the reason for the attack on the family. The political parties of Tamil Nadu are asking for strict actions against the ones who are responsible for this heinous act.

A police official had stated that the boy who was of 12 years was killed due to the attacks. His sister who is 15 years old and his mother have suffered severe head injuries. The official stated that they are looking into whether the allegations of the attack based on the reason that the family was Dalit and there were disputed regarding land are the correct or not. The police have already registered this crime.

Anbumani, the Lok Sabha MP of Dharmapuri and leader of PMK stated that the culprits should be arrested at the earliest and strict punishments should be imposed on them for this brutality on the family. Tehlan Baqavi declared that such groups should be put behind bars and a compensation of 25 lakh INR should be given to the family for their loss.

There were rumors circulated by anti-social groups that the boy’s mother and sister have also died and this has led to a situation of unrest, so some action is necessary to bring situation under control.

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By Megan Lancaster

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