Now You Can Enjoy 3D Movies At Home Without Any Glasses

Now You Can Enjoy 3D Movies At Home Without Any Glasses

MIT researchers have designed a new network that can permit customers to watch 3D movies at home without the need to wear problematic special glasses. While 3D movies carry on to be admired in theatres, they have failed to make the leap to our houses just yet. Theatres normally either employ polarized light or show a duo of imagery that creates a replicated sense of depth.

Now You Can Enjoy 3D Movies At Home Without Any Glasses

To really get the effect of 3D, consumers have to put on glasses, which have proved to be too problematic to make much of a market for 3D televisions. At the moment, scientists from the U.S at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) plan to modify that with “Home3D.” It is a new system that transforms conventional 3D movies into a format that is well-matched with supposed automultiscopic displays from the old stereo.”

These displays are frequently enhancing in resolution and showcase great talent for home theatre systems, scientists claimed to the media. “Automultiscopic displays are not as admired as they could be since they can’t really operate the stereo formats that conventional 3D movies employ in the theatres,” claimed Petr Kellnhofer, from Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science Laboratory of MIT.

“By transforming current 3D movies to this type, our system assist unlock the door to taking 3-D TVs into homes of the people,” Kellnhofer claimed to the media in an interview. Home3D can work on a Graphics Processing Unit in real-time, indicating it can operate on a system such as a PlayStation or an Xbox. The group claimed that in the future Home3D might take the shape of a chip that can be attached into media players such as Chromecast by Google or TVs.

The algorithms for Home3D also permit users customize the experience of viewing movie, dialing down or up the preferred level of 3D for any selected movie, scientists said to the media in an interview.

Maharashtra Will Become A Huge Economy Worth Trillions By 2025

Maharashtra Will Become A Huge Economy Worth Trillions By 2025

Ch. Vidyasagar Rao, the Governor of Maharashtra said that the state government has plans to transform the economy of the state to a $1 trillion by the end of 2025.

When he was asked about his plans to make the vision a success, he said that it can be attained by enhancing growth in the sectors like textile, agriculture, tourism, and more. He further added that the government has already hiked the investment in agriculture and infrastructure. This has led to the growth of GSDP from 8.5% in 2015–2016 to 9.4% in 2016–2017.

Maharashtra Will Become A Huge Economy Worth Trillions By 2025

Rao added that in order to lead the economy of $1 trillion, the government has taken initiative in international funding. It has also allotted generous state budgetary resources to offer a huge push to the augment infrastructure of the public.

Mr. Rao further stated the state government has inherited a crisis-laden agricultural sector and proudly said that the growth was in the negative section of the scale which has been pulled to an appreciable number. In 2012–2013, the growth was 0.5% which has touched 12.5% in 2016–2017. He speculated that the growth will keep the same momentum in the upcoming days.

The aforementioned growth was attained by a huge investment in the sector of agriculture. In 2013–2014, the amount of investment was Rs. 29,000 crore which grew by 280% and has reached Rs. 83,000 crore.

As per the governor, the scheme of Jalyukt Shivar has ensured about 15,000 drought-free villages to be achieved by May 2018.

He also added that 6.1 crore citizens with ration cards, have been linked to the Aadhaar under the act of National Food Security.

This act has enabled 92 lakh people to enjoy the facility of availing 2 kg rice at the rate of Rs. 3 per kg along with 3 kg wheat at the rate of Rs. 2 per kg. Apart from these nearly 10 lakh unauthorized ration cards were eradicated.

RaGa Targets Nitish on Drunk Driving Which Killed 9 Kids

RaGa Targets Nitish on Drunk Driving Which Killed 9 Kids

Today, Rahul Gandhi, the Congress Chief, had taken on Nitish Kumar, Bihar Chief Minister, mentioning the drunk driving incident at Muzaffarpur, the outcome of which was the tragic death of 9 children. Gandhi was found to mock him for such an occurrence. According to the reports, there was a local BJP leader who was supposedly behind the wheels of this racing car, responsible for mowing down the children crossing the road. A case has already been filed on Manoj Bhatia, as per the Bihar police records. It is said that the BJP leader had got off from the car and then he ran once he realized he had hit these children.

Rahul Gandhi, the Congress Chief, had taken on Nitish Kumar

The complaint had been filed by a person who had unfortunately lost 5 of his grandchildren in this incident. Furthermore, there’s valid proof from the CCTV cameras in the region that highlighted Mr. Bhatia driving the car. In his tweet, Rahul Gandhi had hit at the prohibition, a dear project of the CM that also had drawn multiple votes back in the 2015 state elections. Gandhi took a sarcastic dig at Nitish Kumar and his “voice of conscience”. This was very much in reference to the moment when he had walked over Lalu Yadav and Congress, to join hands with BJP in order to develop a brand new government for the state.

Rahul Gandhi had tweeted in Hindi, which said that in Bihar that is said to be alcohol free, there’s a BJP leader, who’s drunk and had crushed 9 little children in his state of drunkenness. He even addressed Nitish Kumar as “Nitish Ji” and asked him if such a debacle is the truth that underlies his prohibition. He questioned his voice of conscience and also accused him of the fact that Bihar isn’t alcohol free.

The Congress was said to be a part of Bihar’s Grand Alliance government till about July 2017, as then the CM had ended this alliance. He stated that his “conscience” will not enable him to carry on with this association keeping up with the corruption charges against Lalu Yadav’s family. This is what Rahul Gandhi took a dig at in his tweet.

Online Shoppers Liable To Change Brands Over Poor Digital Experience

Online Shoppers Liable To Change Brands Over Poor Digital Experience

When a survey was conducted, it was discovered that almost 90% of users are likely to carry on switching to a brand that is a key rival if they have an “disappointing” experience using an online product. This experience is also known as digital experience.

Online Shoppers Liable To Change Brands Over Poor Digital Experience

Digital experience is nothing but the digital communication between customers and a brand as part of transaction, discovery, support or delivery of a service or product. As per the report by the SAP India Digital Experience, in today’s era, digital experiences can break or make a fortune for the brand. The survey also showcased some shocking results. As per the survey, only 8% users would carry to remain loyal to a brand despite being disappointed with their digital experience.

Fascinatingly, users are, on a regular basis, 5x more eager to share personal information with organizations across industries when they are pleased with the digital experience. Further, it was discovered that 59% users claimed that they were pleased with their digital experience, while 15% said exactly the opposite.

The report from the survey also added that, “Pleased users are almost 10x more likely to stay faithful. One out of 10 satisfied customers will stay loyal with the brand. Digital experiences are impacted by aspects such as on-demand availability, security and safety, and looking for an individual’s requirement.”

The report, which studied almost 3,000 users in the country, discovered users ranking sectors like banking and automotive prior to government, utilities, and telecom operators when it comes to their digital experience.

Managing Director and SAP Indian Subcontinent President Deb Deep Sengupta said that digital transformation will be vital for boosting the growth of economy of the country. He further added, “The report confirms the necessity for the industry to recognize ‘Digital Business Leaders’ who can deal with the digital experience that customer receives from their businesses.”

Stalwarts At Magnetic Maharashtra, Infrastructure Issue Raised

Stalwarts At Magnetic Maharashtra, Infrastructure Issue Raised

Founder of the Mahindra group, Anand Mahindra addressed the Magnetic Maharashtra Global Summit being held in Bandra with a warning that the crumbling infrastructure of Maharashtra and capital city Mumbai has the potential to drive away investors. While addressing participants at the event, he stated that if Mumbai which is regarded as the nation’s “crown jewel” continues to falter due to a basic problem like infrastructure it could lead to several problems, a sentiment that was echoed by Ratan Tata, the scion of Tata group. These comments were in direct contrast with the praises that were showered on state chief minister Devendra Fadnavis by other local and global leaders present at the event.

Stalwarts At Magnetic Maharashtra, Infrastructure Issue Raised

Ratan Tata also chose the event and the presence of PM Modi to voice his concerns about the infrastructure problems of Mumbai and stated that the fast economic growth envisaged by Maharashtra’s government would not be possible if the ground realities of its capital city were far from expectations. Mahindra said that as Mumbai is among India’s most robust cities and regarded as a gateway to other cities of Maharashtra, but if its current infrastructure would persist then it would be difficult to attract investors.

Ratan Tata said that though there has been a positive change since BJP government has taken over the state’s activities; a lot has to be done to bring the city to international standards. While lauding the state government bodies for their work in improving transportation and communication facilities across the state he stated that it has not been able to keep pace with the rapid expansion of its industrial and agriculture sector. Both industry stalwarts stated that Mumbai as a showcase of India’s vision of the future requires a lot of improvement in terms of infrastructure. The meeting was attended by stalwarts like Adi Godrej, Richard Branson, Deepak Parekh, Mukesh Ambani, Anil Agarwal, Baba Kalyani, Sajjan Jindal and industry ministers.

Cybercriminals Ready To Extort Money As Companies Obey With New EU Rules

Cybercriminals Ready To Extort Money As Companies Obey With New EU Rules

As companies try to obey with new privacy laws of European Union that come into action in 2018, they are set to encounter elevated crypto currency mining, ransomware, and BEC (business email compromise) extortion assaults, a report claimed this week.

Cybercriminals Ready To Extort Money As Companies Obey With New EU Rules

Cybercriminals will attempt to extort cash from companies by first deciding the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) price that might be caused by an assault, and then asking for a ransom of somewhat less than that penalty. This is what the CEOs may select to pay, claimed the report from Trend Micro, the worldwide cyber security leader.

ATM assaults, targeted attacks, and BEC were some of the sneaky security hurdles encountered by companies last year. “With more users employing online payments, there has been an increment in the number of attackers. We have witnessed an elevation in those vulnerabilities being declared and lot of them getting negotiated,” Vice President at Trend Micro for South East Asia and India, Nilesh Jain, claimed to the media in an interview.

“Major outbreaks that posed worldwide infections made news well into 2017, showing that ransomware was still a troublesome danger for enterprises and individuals,” he claimed. The European Parliament’s GDPR law comes into effect from May 25, 2018. The new report, dubbed as The Paradox of Cyberthreats, showed a 32% elevation in new families of ransomware between 2016 and 2017.

It also showed a 2x increment of BEC attacks between the H1 and H2 of last year and towering rates of malware related to crypto currency mining, peaking at 100,000 recognitions in October 2017. “The report shows a dangerous landscape, with cybercriminals more and more finding that they capable to get more (whether it is data or money or reputation damage) by deliberately aiming firms’ most precious assets,” claimed Director at Trend Micro for Global Threat Communications, Jon Clay, to the media in an interview.

HC Denies Exclusive Access Of Terminal 1 Of Delhi Airport To IndiGo

HC Denies Exclusive Access Of Terminal 1 Of Delhi Airport To IndiGo

The High Court of Delhi has given a strong decision stating that Terminal 1 of New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport cannot be allotted to private airlines IndiGo Airlines for its exclusive use. Upholding the recent directive by Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL) asking the airline to shift some of its operations from Terminal 1 to 2 of the airport the court observed that officials were not acting harshly. While turning down IndiGo’s proposal to dedicate Terminal 1 for exclusive use by the airline and moving operations of low cost airlines SpiceJet to Terminal 2, the bench stated that it was not in the good of general public to make such a move.

HC Denies Exclusive Access Of Terminal 1 Of Delhi Airport To IndiGo

The bench led by Justices Hima Kohli and Rekha upheld the earlier order of a single judge that had earlier accepted DIAL’s decision. The judges stated that, as the request for shifting operations was only temporary measure as Terminal 1 was being renovated for improving its capacity, Indigo could resume operations once the work was complete. Merely by showing the power of its sheer size of operations and large turnover of passengers, IndiGo could not request for preferential treatment.

As other low cost airlines like GoAir, SpiceJet and others would accuse the DIAL of partisan policies if it went ahead with IndiGo’s proposal, since the move would push them into an insignificant region of the airport, the bench dismissed the appeal.  Just to suit the corporate interests of a goliath like IndiGo, the airport could not hurt the business prospects of small airlines whose current passenger volume was less said the judge. The bench refuted the claims of IndiGo’s counsel of arbitrary decision by stating that DIAL has tried to balance everyone’s interests according to available space as there were severe constraints due to high volume of passenger traffic at the airport.

Carfentanil found on stamps in Laval

The Public Health Branch of the Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISSS) in Laval urges drug users and the general public to be cautious after the Laval police found carfentanil on its territory.

“This drug is very dangerous. All opiates can cause a respiratory depression reaction. The individual forgets to breathe and, deprived of oxygen, dies. A small dose of carfentanil is enough to kill an individual, “says Dr. Jean-Pierre Trépanier, Director of Public Health CISSS Laval.

The drug, 100 times more powerful than fentanyl and 10,000 times stronger than morphine, was found on blotter stamps last month when a citizen called the police after finding a family member in physical distress.

The police do not know if these blotters were provided to other people, but they think that the stamps would have been bought on the black market of the web.

“This is blotting paper that looks like collector stamps. It is a piece of paper for the consumption that people put on the tongue and the peculiarity of this product is that it is extremely strong. It is even dangerous on contact with the skin, “says Évelyne Boudreau, of the Laval Police Department.

The Public Health Department of Laval therefore encourages drug users and their entourage to be very cautious. The police department is asking people to call 911 if this type of stamp is found.

couple found dead in their Ottawa home

A man and a woman were found dead in the night Saturday night in a house in the Nepean area. Ottawa police belive the couple died in a murder suicide.

According to reports from the Ottawa Citizen, police visited a MacFarlane Road residence at approximately 1:30 am following a call that shots had been fired.

The investigators responsible for the case favor the thesis that the man killed his wife before returning the weapon against him.

The couple was in their fifties.

Inspector Glenn Wasson told local media that there were four people inside the house at the time of the incident: the victims and their sons.

Mr. Wasson also said that it was a family member who called 911.

According to neighbors, the authorities have had to intervene a few times in the past as a result of noise complaints and an altercation with a resident.

Ontario court orders reinstatement of fired nurse

An Ontario arbitrator ordered the reinstatement of Sue McIntyre, the nurse who was unjustly dismissed by her employer, the North Bay Regional Health Center. The decision comes two years after the disciplinary action.

CUPE’s Ontario Council of Hospital Unions sent out a news release on Wednesday.

In February 2016, Sue McIntyre was fired after she spoke about workplace violence at a nursing conference in Kingston.

The Ontario Council of Hospital Unions says Wednesday that referee Bram Herlich has ruled that Sue McIntyre has never intended to undertake a media campaign to defame the institution’s reputation.

He ordered her reinstatement immediately.

The President and CEO of the North Bay Regional Health Centre, Paul Heinrick responded with an emailed statement.

“As the decision set forth in the Sue McIntyre arbitration was received last evening, the North Bay Regional Health Centre is carefully analyzing the ruling with our legal and human resource teams to determine opportunities and next steps.”