Dream Of Most Handset Users Come True, Smartphone Will Now Get Charged In No Time

Dream Of Most Handset Users Come True, Smartphone Will Now Get Charged In No Time

A latest design of battery electrode is made from a two-dimensional, highly conductive material named MXene. It might make the way for completely charging your handset within just few seconds, a new survey claims.

The design, defined in the journal Nature Energy, might produce power storage devices such as batteries. These batteries, which looked as the plodding tanker of power storage tech, are just as quick as the fast supercapacitors utilized to offer power in a pinch. They are normally used to provide quick bursts of energy or as a battery back-up for stuffs such as camera flashes.

Dream Of Most Handset Users Come True, Smartphone Will Now Get Charged In No Time

“This paper disproves the extensively adopted belief that storage of chemical charge, which is utilized in pseudo capacitors and batteries, is constantly much slower as compared to physical storage utilized in double-layer electrical capacitors. These capacitors also dubbed as supercapacitors,” said Yury Gogotsi, Lead Researcher and Professor in Philadelphia at Drexel University, Pennsylvania, the U.S.

“We show charging of slim MXene electrodes in 1/10th of a millisecond. This is done by an extremely elevated electronic conductivity of MXene. This makes the way to growth of superfast power storage gadgets than can be discharged and charged within fraction of a second, but can store much additional energy than traditional supercapacitors,” added Gogotsi.

The key to quicker charging power storage gadgets is in the design of the electrode. Electrodes are necessary elements of batteries, via which power is stored at the time of charging and from which it is distributed to fuel our devices. So the perfect design for these elements will be one that enables them to store more energy and be charged quickly. The overarching advantage of utilizing MXene is its conductivity.

“If we commence utilizing electronically conducting and low-dimensional materials as electrodes of the battery, we can produce batteries operating much, much quicker than the one we use today,” said Gogotsi.

Elphinstone Bridge Built By Army Open For Use By Public

Elphinstone Bridge Built By Army Open For Use By Public

23 people tragically died due to a stampede in the railway station of Elphinstone Road. Exactly after a 5-month gap, the Army has swung open the gates to a fresh Foot over Bridge or FoB.

2 other Foot over Bridges at Ambivli station and Currey Road on Central Railway were constructed along with the aforementioned FoB. These were inaugurated in the presence of Piyush Goyal, Subhash Bhamre, and Devendra Fadnavis, the Railway Minister, Minister of State or Defense, and Chief Minister of Maharashtra, respectively.

Elphinstone Bridge Built By Army Open For Use By Public

These bridges were constructed by the exceptional engineers from Army in 117 days, which is a record.

Fadnavis and Goyal expressed their gratitude to the Army for their dedicated contribution and speedy completion of the FoBs.

The new bridge on the Elphinstone Road is spread over the Western and Central Railway tracks, connecting the east side that has Parel station of Central Railway and the west side which is the Phoolwali lane in the outskirts of the Elphinstone Road station.

It was a remarkable move to hand over the construction work of the FoB to the Army post the mishap of the stampede on the staircase. It occurred due to the narrow passage of the staircase and the rush during the morning hours.

The newly constructed bridges at the stations of Elphinstone Road, Currey Road, and Ambivli are 70 meters 30 meters, and 20 meters long.

The task of completing the 3 FoBs within a period of 4 months was accomplished with the help of the 250 people from the Bombay Engineering Group and Center that is located in Pune. It is also known as Bombay Sappers.

Goyal and Fadnavis had also attended the event at the CSMT building located in south Mumbai where the government of Maharashtra handed over the documents of land for the projected high-speed railway terminal at the Bandra–Kurla Complex or BKC. This belongs to the Bullet train project foreseen by the Railway Ministry.

There Is More Than Meet The Eye…200 Fake Co, Benami Properties

There Is More Than Meet The Eye...200 Fake Co, Benami Properties

The investigation team looking into the fraud case of Nirav Modi and his family that was carried out in collusion with PNB’s officials has revealed existence of 200 fake firms with fictitious assets. The shell companies are being investigated by Enforcement Directorate sleuths in connection with Rs. 11,300 crore that was routed through these firms. The funds were then used to purchase gold, diamonds and real estate properties around the world using fake identities. From the date of the fraud’s public announcement till last Saturday, government agencies including CBI and ED have raided around 73 locations across the country and seized assets amounting to Rs.5674 crores.

There Is More Than Meet The Eye...200 Fake Co, Benami Properties

This Sunday PTI revealed that around 45 locations were raided comprising of showrooms and manufacturing workshops that are based in 15 cities in India. While around 10 locations in Bengaluru were raided, in Delhi seven, five in Mumbai and Kolkata while four in Chandigarh and Hyderabad and one in Guwahati and Chennai too were raided. Retailer outlets of Gitanjali at suburban malls in Delhi were raided said IANS news agency. Police has filed cases against Nirav Modi and his uncle Mehul Choksi along with three brands owned by him under the Geetanjali brand.

More than two dozen properties under the Anti-Money laundering policy have been attached by officials of Enforcement Directorate investigating the Nirav Modi–PNB case. Besides this around 29 properties along with 105 bank accounts belonging to Modi, his family members and firms owned by them have been attached by investigators. Ironically the man had figured in Forbes list of rich Indians barely two years ago before this dramatic revelation of fraud and cheating. The CBI has put three persons behind bars that include two former employees of Punjab National Bank all of whom will remain under custody till March 3 as they helped Modi to get credit by misusing their powers.

Fintech Revolut Becomes First Digital Bank Of The U.K. To Break Even

Fintech Revolut Becomes First Digital Bank Of The U.K. To Break Even

Revolut, the financial tech firm, has turned out to be the first of a fresh type of digital banks to break even on a monthly basis in the U.K after a growing consumer base. This comes after a set of new services assisted it boost incomes in December 2017. Revolut, which has got fame with consumers for easy and cheap foreign exchange and is in the procedure of getting a banking license, has 1.5 Million consumers all over Europe.

Fintech Revolut Becomes First Digital Bank Of The U.K. To Break Even

The company is one of the many digital banks that have increased up in the U.K. in the last couple of years, providing cut-price fees, slick apps, and a marketplace where consumers can shop in search for goods from a series of suppliers. Some have seen important consumer increment since, but all are now making loss. Nikolay Storonsky, founder of Revolut, claimed to the media that the result in December was boosted by sturdy uptake of its products and consumer growth. This trend had continued in this year as well.

“In January we had a much sturdier month and once more we jumped 20–25% on incomes in comparison to December 2017,” he claimed. The closest peers of the firm comprising Starling Bank, Tandem, and Monzo, which all have the U.K. banking licenses, claimed to the media that they had not yet witnessed a month with no losses.

Atom, one more app-only bank that has a different model for business, also claimed that it had not given profit yet. N26, the digital bank of Germany that has branched out all over Europe, refused to reveal data on its numbers. Dissimilar to its competitors, Revolut provides paid-for business and premium accounts, which have proven profitable for the company. It is also the only digital bank in the U.K. to work all over Europe so far.

Netanyahu’s Close Aide To Turn As State Witness

Netanyahu’s Close Aide To Turn As State Witness

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister is facing fresh threat challenging his tenure from one of his closest confidants who has agreed to speak against him in a graft probe. A media report in Israel stated that two fresh charges of corruption have emerged against the beleaguered Netanyahu who is already facing a long litany of complaints against him two of which have been recommended by the local police. This fresh revelation has led to speculations that he will either call for early elections or may be forced to move out of office.

Netanyahu’s Close Aide To Turn As State Witness

Shlomo Filber was a close ally and aide of Netanyahu for more than 20 years and was also the director general of the nation’s communications ministry in the past. Israeli media have confirmed that he may agree to become a witness of the state to escape a long jail term for corruption. The police have not publicly confirmed the speculation. The man was arrested during the weekend by the police examining leads that Netanyahu made policies to benefit Israeli telecom giant Bezeq that is controlled by Shaul Elovitch in exchange for showing the PM in positive light through his news site Walla! Filber is under suspicion of mediating the deal and pushing regulatory policies that earned millions for Bezeq.

Two senior level executives of the telecom major were also arrested on Sunday whose remand has been extended till February 26, 2018. While the prime minister has not been named in the investigation, two of his aides have been accused of offering promotion to a judge to drop a court case against Netanyahu’s wife. These two aides were Nir Hefetz and Eli Kamir that are media advisors of the family in the past. The Israeli police stated that had enough grounds to indict Netanyahu on two cases of bribery and breach of public trust though he denied all the allegations.

Paytm Says WhatsApp Payments Not Secure

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The founder of biggest digital payments firm of India Paytm, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, will formally request the designer of the nation’s UPI (unified digital payment) system for redressal of what he defined as an unjust playing field given to WhatsApp, the messaging service provider that has started trialing its payment offering in the nation.

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WhatsApp test service rolled out last week in India and does not need an Aadhaar-supported payments and a log-in session. Sharma claimed that he will ask the NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India), which has designed the UPI system, and even higher executives to underline this problem. Controlled by Facebook, WhatsApp consists of a monthly consumer base of 200 Million in the country and its entrance into the digital payment sector of the country intimidates to turn over the pecking sector.

“Facebook is explicitly colonizing our transaction system and is customizing UPI to their advantage. UPI was created as an India Stack, now some US monopoly twists UPI for user execution,” Sharma claimed to the media in an interview. Sharma claimed that lack of a login coverts WhatsApp traction into security jeopardy, similar to offering an “open ATM” to everybody. “How can you offer such a safety risk just on behalf of underwriting that banks have offered it. WhatsApp is employed by a huge number of Indian users far over any other app in this nation,” claimed Sharma.

He also queried the fact that the app was permitted to began a pilot with lakhs of users, while it must have been with 5,000–10,000 users. People near to NPCI have claimed that it will put into practice all the needed functions when it goes live for its complete user base, which is anticipated by March end.

Executives for Paytm verified that vice-president of WhatsApp, Neeraj Arora, has taken back from the panel of Paytm, a position that he held from 2015.

Whistleblower Dubey Says Fraud Perpetrated During the UPA

Whistleblower Dubey Says Fraud Perpetrated During the UPA

Dinesh Dubey, Allahabad Bank’s ex officer said that the UPA, led by Congress, could have acted to stop the huge bank scam of India. He claimed that he showed concerns to give loans to the jewelry company, Gitanjali Gems. It is one of the firms that are under inquiry by Crime Bureau of Investigation for the PNB fraud case.

Whistleblower Dubey Says Fraud Perpetrated During the UPA

He said that he conveyed a disagree note to the RBI and UPA government against the bank loan asked by Gitanjali Gems in the year 2013. But he was pressured to approve the loan, after which he resigned.

In the note, he clearly mentioned that the jewellery company should first return its previous loan of Rupees 1,500 crore before the bank could permit a fresh loan. The owner of Gitanjali Group is the uncle of Nirav Modi, celebrity designer and Mehul Choksi, the business partner.

The Bharatiya Janata Party, which was attacked by Congress for this bank scam and the escape of Nirav Modi, rapidly showed the statement that Mr. Dubey made to hit Mr. Gandhi back.

Prakash Javadekar, the Union Minister, suggested that there must possibly be a link between Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Nirav Modi’s exhibition and pressure given on bankers to pass the loan.

He added that it was the BJP government’s alertness due to which such bank cases are being exposed in front of the media and public.

It came under the spotlights after BJP made the bank norms stricter.

The PNB, a nationalized bank hit hard by the mega fraud case a month back when companies connected to Nirav Modi asked for purchaser’s credit to make payments to supplier abroad. As the bank had not set credit limit, the official said Gitanjali Groups to mention the total amount as guarantee so PNB could issue letters of undertaking. When the bank scanned through past records, it found no copy of any such transaction.

Human Rights Activist Asma Jahangir Passes Away At 66

Human Rights Activist Asma Jahangir Passes Away At 66

Asma Jahangir, an important human rights lawyer died which came as a major blow to Pak’s tormented rights community. She died at 66.

As stated by her sister, the advocate and ex-United Nations special rapporteur experienced cardiac attack, which took her life.

Human Rights Activist Asma Jahangir Passes Away At 66

A well-known lawyer and rights activist, Hina Jilani condemned her death.

The arrangement for funerals has not yet been announced. Munizae Jahangir, her daughter said that the family is waiting for other relatives to come to Lahore, their home town.

PM Abbasi expressed sorrow at the advocate’s death, while giving her praise for her contribution in protecting human rights and preserving the law.

Ms Asma Jahangir’s follower on social media expressed their condolences and said that her death news is shocking.

According to her fellow workers and supporters she was very brave and was a very prominent figure.

Ms Jahangir was honored with Légiond Honneur, France and Alternative Nobel prize, Sweden for her several years of contribution as human rights activist.

She started working as an activist when it was a mere concept in Pakistan for which she received death threats, thrashing and imprisonment for winning the human rights related cases while opposing the dictators.

It was due to her effort HRCP was established in Pakistan, for improvement and protection of human rights.

Pakistan still experience severe violence and cruelty against women, unfairness against minorities, almost slavery custom for laborers with bonds.

Ms Jahangir achieved several victories. She won the freedom for laborers who were working as slaves for their owners via a ground-breaking court case. She also won a court case that permitted women to marry as per their choice.

She was known for her honest criticism about the authoritative military establishment.

Ms Asma Jahangir was detained in the year 2007 Parvez Musharraf led-government. In 2012, her life was in danger as she was getting death threats from a spy agency based in Pakistan.

Patrick Brown accuses CTV News of lying

The fallen Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown again used his Facebook page to deny the allegations against him. He now accuses CTV News of broadcasting a report with false allegations that led to his resignation.

Radio-Canada could not independently verify either Patrick Brown’s allegations or alleged victims.

The report, released on January 24, reports allegations of two women’s sexual misconduct against Patrick Brown. CBC / Radio-Canada was able to talk to one of the two women involved . She has reaffirmed her testimony.

Patrick Brown points out that one of the two women involved in the CTV News report changed some of the details of her story : she initially said she was a high school student at the time of her allegations and had offered her alcohol.

She later stated that she had finished high school when the interaction with Patrick Brown took place.

The significance of this change in history is monumental.

Patrick Brown, on his Facebook page

In an interview broadcast Wednesday at dinner time by the Global Network, Patrick Brown says he believes he is a victim of a coup by his “political opponents” he does not name.

He explains that he was ahead of the polls and that his party had money. “Everything indicated that I was going to become prime minister,” he said, referring to the June 7 provincial election.

He believes that the women who made the allegations might have been manipulated.

CTV News fabricated a malicious and false report about me from two anonymous accusers. After a long three weeks, CTV…

Posted by Patrick Brown on Wednesday, February 14, 2018

CTV News persists

In a press release, the CTV News network maintains that the facts broadcast in the January 24 report are accurate.

The allegations of Patrick Brown about our reports are wrong. […] His attacks on our journalistic practices are unfounded and false.

Matthew Garrow, Director of Communications, CTV News

Patrick Brown continues to defend himself against the allegations of the two women who forced him to resign as leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario.

Activities resume in a Chatham-Kent wind farm

TerraForm Power said Wednesday that 22 of the companies 52 wind turbines were back in operation, nearly a month after a wind turbine broke and collapsed on its own.

After the January 19th incident, the company temporarily shut down all activities of the wind farm, to investigate the cause of the breakage.

The company’s investor relations director, Chad Reed, said TerraForm Power is pursuing a full inspection of the site, which will be completed in the coming weeks.

“After a thorough review by independent professionals and third parties, as well as our own engineering team, 22 of the 52 wind turbines were put back into service,” he wrote in a statement sent by email to CBC News. .

The director did not specify what caused the incident.