The US Cyber Officials Were Not Informed By Intel About Chip Faults Until Made Public

The US Cyber Officials Were Not Informed By Intel About Chip Faults Until Made Public

The US cyber security officials were not notified by Intel Corp about the alleged Spectre and Meltdown chip security faults until they disclosed to the people, 6 Months after the chip maker was informed of the issues by Alphabet, as per letters conveyed to lawmakers by the tech firms.

The US Cyber Officials Were Not Informed By Intel About Chip Faults Until Made Public

Previous and existing US government officials have put forward apprehensions that the administration was not notified of the faults prior to they became public as the faults potentially apprehended national security repercussions. Intel mentioned it did not feel the faults required to be conveyed to the US regulatory as attackers had not exploited the susceptibilities.

Until January 3, the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team, commonly recognized as US-CERT, was not informed by Intel about the Spectre and Meltdown, after reports pertaining to it surfaced on The Register, an online technology site. The US-CERT issues forewarnings to the private and public sector about the cyber-security issues.

The letters conveyed by Apple, Alphabet, and Intel in response to the query by Representative Greg Walden—head of the House Energy and Commerce Committee—detailed the particulars of when the flaws were revealed. Alphabet mentioned that its Google Project Zero’s security researchers notified the chipmakers Advanced Micro Devices, Intel, and SoftBank Group-possessed ARM Holdings of the issue in June.

The chipmaker was given 90 Days to rectify the problems prior to revealing them publicly, which is a standard protocol followed in the cybersecurity industry. It is proposed to offer time to the bug targets to mend them before the attackers can take benefit of the faults. Alphabet stated it left the choice of whether to notify the government officials of the safety faults up to the chipmakers—as per their standard protocol.

As per its letter, Intel mentioned it did not notify the government officials as there was “no sign that any of these susceptibilities had been used by malicious actors.” It also stated it did not conduct an examination of whether the faults may damage critical infrastructure as it didn’t consider it could have an effect on industrial control systems. However, it mentioned that it did notify other tech firms that utilize its chips of the problem.

Also, ARM, AMD,, and Microsoft Corp also replied to the queries from lawmakers. AMD stated that the disclose deadline was extended by Alphabet extended from the set 90 Days two times, initially to January 3, and later to January 9. Microsoft stated that it did tell numerous antivirus software makers regarding the faults “several weeks” prior to their public revelation to offer them time to shun compatibility issues.

12 Year Old Dies After Being Attacked By Unidentified People

A group of unknown people had attacked a 12-year-old boy and killed him. They had also attacked his mother and sister and had beaten them brutally. This incident took place in Villupuram. The family was attacked on February 22 but it became publicly known on Monday. It is suspected that the sister and mother of the dead Dalit boy had been raped. The police stated that such allegations will be cleared after their medical reports come back.

The mother-daughter pair was taken to Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research for treatment. The police is still investigating into the reason for the attack on the family. The political parties of Tamil Nadu are asking for strict actions against the ones who are responsible for this heinous act.

A police official had stated that the boy who was of 12 years was killed due to the attacks. His sister who is 15 years old and his mother have suffered severe head injuries. The official stated that they are looking into whether the allegations of the attack based on the reason that the family was Dalit and there were disputed regarding land are the correct or not. The police have already registered this crime.

Anbumani, the Lok Sabha MP of Dharmapuri and leader of PMK stated that the culprits should be arrested at the earliest and strict punishments should be imposed on them for this brutality on the family. Tehlan Baqavi declared that such groups should be put behind bars and a compensation of 25 lakh INR should be given to the family for their loss.

There were rumors circulated by anti-social groups that the boy’s mother and sister have also died and this has led to a situation of unrest, so some action is necessary to bring situation under control.

Russia Plans Humanitarian Pathway To Help Ghouta Residents Leave

Russia Plans Humanitarian Pathway To Help Ghouta Residents Leave

Russia has intervened to enforce the UN announced ceasefire in Syria. A daily truce lasting for five hours will be maintained in eastern Ghouta province of Syria along with the establishment of a humanitarian corridor to facilitate civilian movement in the region.

Russia Plans Humanitarian Pathway To Help Ghouta Residents Leave

Looking at the heavy bombardment of Eastern Ghouta, the UN Security Council had called for a country-wide ceasefire that would last for 30 days. The region is in acute need of access to medical drugs, equipment and commodities and also requires its medical casualties totaling 750 to be evacuated.

Heavy bombardment from the Syrian armed forces in the last seven days has led to deaths of around 556 people, one of the heaviest of all times in the Eastern Ghouta region. The numbers were furnished by Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a war monitoring agency based in the UK. The severity has however, lessened it said, after the announcement of the UN resolution calling for a cease fire though the killing and firing still continues. Civilians are using the intermittent lull in firing to stock up provisions.

Russia’s Foreign Minister, Lavrov stated that all partners of the Nusra Front; an affiliate of the earlier al Qaeda which includes the Jaish al-Islam and Ahrar al-Sham would be excluded from the ceasefire terms. Failaq al-Rahman and Jaish al-Islam are the significant two rebel groups based in Eastern Ghouta. The opposition has asserted that exclusion of the Nusra Front from the ceasefires have enabled the Syrian government to continue with its bombardments.

Syrian government has vehemently denied the use of chemical weapons in the war. Russia stated that reports of people being affected by poisoning through chlorine gas on Sunday were rumors raised to disrupt the truce procedure.

The Syrian war which is ongoing since the last eight years has led to the fleeing of Syria’s 50% population from their homes besides causing deaths of people in huge numbers. Pictures of the dead killed in the firing continue to be shown by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Gold Gains Amid Rising Inflation Fears In The US

Gold Gains Amid Rising Inflation Fears In The US

Gold prices that had been steady for several years now have suddenly shown a spurt in demand as dollar is wavering and rising inflation has led to spurt in demand for the yellow metal. Rising inflation in the country has led to rise in purchase of gold by investors in the past week by 2.4% in India while in the United States it fell by 0.4%. The dollar index also witnessed growth of the dollar by 0.1 %in last week’s session. On the opening session of Asian bourses on Monday, equity shares gained marginally on the news of global equity growth bring cheer to the markets.

Gold Gains Amid Rising Inflation Fears In The US

Even though the dollar was still showing bearish trend with no signs of robust growth the positive sentiment in equity markets has led to demand for gold due to fears of higher borrowing costs to curb inflation. According to Stephen Innes the Asia Pacific head of OANDA, gold could be a safe haven for investors as inflation in large economies is likely to continue while there is all likelihood of a correction in the equity markets. The signs of an impending world war and political tensions in Washington have also led to gold emerging as an investment option.

Data of US Commodity Futures Trading Commissions and Comex have shown that both money managers and hedge funds that are largest investors in commodity markets have cut down on their long positions. The Lunar Year Celebrations in China and other South East Asian nations will also lead to slowdown in these share markets. Other precious metals that have shown an upward trend are silver that has risen to 0.1% and platinum that has gone up by 0.8%. Even palladium has risen by 0.2%. Robert Muller, US Special Counsel has recently filed a 37 page indictment, charging 13 Russian nationals and three Russian firms for interfering US Presidential election for 2016.

Pakistan’s Financial Health Takes A Beat Owing To Grey Listing By FATF

Pakistan’s Financial Health Takes A Beat Owing To Grey Listing By FATF

The economy of Pakistan will be impacted negatively after the decision by FATF to place the nation in ‘grey list’ because it failed to accomplish obligations to avoid terror financing.

The country is likely to undergo a risk demote by multiparty lenders like World Bank, IMF, ADB as well as a decrease in risk assessment by S&P Moody’s Investors Service and Fitch, as expressed by an economics expert. Consequently, the stock market of Pakistan is projected to fall considerably and China is expected to gain from the economic scenario by increasing its investment marks.

Pakistan’s Financial Health Takes A Beat Owing To Grey Listing By FATF

Now, it will be harder for Islamabad to access funds from the global markets after coming under the ‘grey list’, a government insider said who asked his identity to be kept hidden. However, Pakistani PM’s financial adviser, Miftah Ismail claimed that Pakistan’s economy will not experience any notable effect.

The decision by FATF will be a noteworthy hindrance for Islamabad in its effort to perk up its image.

Financial Action Task Force, which maintains black and grey lists for classifying countries that works weakly to defy and fight terror financing and money laundering, is not given the authority to inflict sanctions on the nation, which has been found uncooperative with the mandatory standards.

In the year 2015, Pakistan was excluded from FATF; but its inactivity placed it back in the grey list and there are fears that it will be put in black list by the end of June.

The financial industry may get a blow as the biggest international bank—Standard Chartered with more than 100 branches across Pakistan, along with Deutsche Bank and Citibank that work with corporate clients and business might take a decision to withdraw.

In the middle of extreme pressure from international regulators to safeguard against terrorist financing and money laundering, banks and financial institutions have been moving back from high-risk nations in current years.

Now Travel Dubai To Abu Dhabi In Just 12 Minutes, Thanks To Hyperloop Prototype Debut

Now Travel Dubai To Abu Dhabi In Just 12 Minutes, Thanks To Hyperloop Prototype Debut

There is news of relief for Dubai passengers from Abu Dhabi. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has created history by launching prototype of the Hyperloop.

The Transportation Authority on Thursday released the first look of future transport in City Walk 2 in Dubai. Prince of Dubai, Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum of Dubai first saw Hyperloop prototype design after which it was opened for visitors.

Now Travel Dubai To Abu Dhabi In Just 12 Minutes, Thanks To Hyperloop Prototype Debut

The special thing is that this ultra-fast levitating capsule can travel at 1,200 kmph, which can take Abu Dhabi passengers to Dubai and bring them back in 12 Minutes. Apart from this, it will take 17 Minutes to travel between Abu Dhabi and Fujairah.

Abdulredha Alhassan, executive director of Rail Planning and Projects Development in RTA, told in an interview, “According to the preliminary studies, in both the directions in Hyperloop, there will be the ability to lift 10 Thousand riders every hour.”

About its official launch date, Alhassan said, “The test of the project is going on and it is difficult to tell the exact date of its launch. We are also working to analyze on its ticket prices.”

It is believed that that the Hyperloop seats will be designed by the German car manufacturer BMW. Travelers must sit with buckled seat belts all the time. Alhassan said, “There will be no window in it. However, there will be entertainment screens near the arm rest of the seat. Hyperloop will be divided into Gold and Silver Class. In which, 5 passengers can be seated in gold class and 14 passengers in the silver class.”

Recently, Richard Branson of Virgin also stated that it will be investing in India to setup a Hyperloop system. And the first phase will be initiated to connect two major cities Mumbai and Pune. It is estimated that the travel time between these two cities will be 25 Minutes.

A Unique Initiative Of Science Teacher, “Blood Test Prior Marriage”

A Unique Initiative Of Science Teacher, “Blood Test Prior Marriage”

Sabang’s science teacher, Lakshman Chandra Berahas been arguing and advocating the blood test cause prior to marriage. Lakshman stated that prior to marriage bride and groom is mandatory to have a blood test done for leading a happy and healthy future instead of matching the horoscope.

A Unique Initiative Of Science Teacher, “Blood Test Prior Marriage”

He married his daughter on Monday but before they tie the knot, he ensured to get the blood test done and set an example for the rest. Not only the groom but the bride was also participated for the procedure. Before the marriage, Lakshman organized the need for a blood test discussion amongst the village while arranging for a “Blood Test” camp at the setting. Not only the blood test procedure was arranged but also “HIV Screening” was organized at the venue.

Pamphlets were distributed along with the wedding invitation and the guests, other people attended the discussion were patiently listening and observing the aim behind such topic. The aim of the science teacher Bera was to trigger the awareness amongst the masses and educate them with issues related to blood and health. The Chief Health Officer of West Midnapore, Girish Chandra Bera also appreciated his initiative.

The professor from Kalyani also the groom Rathin Biswas has immediately had immediately accepted the proposal by father-in-law for undertaking the blood test without any objection. The bride and daughter of Bera, Sunita readily supported the decision by her father.

The science teacher Bera commenting on his initiative mentioned that there were people who laughed at him and his thought while avoiding his efforts and importance of blood test and other health check-ups before marriage. He added further that all these he calmly waited for the right moment to arrive and started implementing his thoughts with his family.

Chaitanya Chandra Das, the headmaster of Narayanbarh High School warmly appreciated and accepted the initiative. Das commenting on the initiative of Bera mentions that this initiative was unique and he never came across something like this. He was amazed to experience the positive talks on the blood test importance, especially during the marriage ceremony.


Now Book Coaches, Special Trains, And Saloons Online

Now Book Coaches, Special Trains, And Saloons Online

Require coaches for a religious tour or a marriage party? Now, it can be online booked, as per orders rolled out by the railway panel. As per an instruction by the railway panel, booking of special coaches, trains, FTR (full tariff rate), or saloons shall now be carried out via a “single window booking system” of the IRCTC (Indian Railway Tourism and Catering Corporation).

Now Book Coaches, Special Trains, And Saloons Online

“From this time forth, any party or individual looking to book coaches/trains on FTR shall come to the IRCTC that will book coaches/trains online in aid of the party or individual “, claimed the circular rolled out previously this month. Presently, to book such trains or coaches, the related party had to go to the station master of the station or chief booking supervisor from where the trip might start and present a written request comprising details of the journey for FTR booking.

After giving the money, they might be provided with a receipt with an exclusive FTR number printed on it. The procedure was burdensome, executives claimed, which required the alteration. Most of the time coaches or special trains were booked by travel organizations taking tour parties for religious trips, by schools for educational tours, by MNCs taking workers for trips, and even people travelling with a huge contingent, executives claimed.

On the other hand, now, a charge of 5% on the complete fare shall be taxed, over and more than a 30% service tax on such bookings. The railway has decided a security charge worth Rs 50,000 for each coach and a minimum of 18 coaches for special trains will be charged. The complete payment in the latest online system will have to be digital, the panel claimed to the media in an interview this week. This information was backed by the industry sources as well.

Wipro To Take User Business Beyond $1 Billion In This Fiscal

Wipro To Take User Business Beyond $1 Billion In This Fiscal

WCCL (Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting) has surfaced from the shadows of its parent company and is ready to cross $1 Billion in income this financial year. Some of the development in recent years has arrived from the success of the company in China. A sturdier foothold in Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia, and the sustained profits of Indian collection headed by the Chandrika and Santoor brands have also assisted. This data was given by CEO Vineet Agrawal to the media in an interview.

Wipro To Take User Business Beyond $1 Billion In This Fiscal


WCCL, fraction of the unlisted group of Wipro Enterprises, posted $908 Million in income in this fiscal. When Agrawal took control back in 2002, it was just Rs 300 Crore. The department was violent with acquirements to allow international development. It has invested almost $650 Million on acquirements, comprising $250 Million that it invested on purchasing Unza Holdings (personal care products maker of Singapore) in 2007. Unza is currently a brand worth $75 Million.

Almost 2 Years back, WCCL purchased Zhongshan Ma Er to get a sturdy foothold in the China. The Chinese industry now adds up $125 Million to the business of WCCL and 15% of this commerce is boosted by e-commerce websites. Of the in general incomes of its personal care sales, 50% arrives from out of India and through all of these brands it obtained.

“When we obtained Unza, we made the blunder of branching it out all over China. What we then did was to aim on only Guangdong. And we aimed select segments such as bath, shower, liquid detergents, and roll-ons. Almost 75–80% of our business in China now arrives from there. It has famous cities such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen. This one state has a GDP more than $1 Trillion,” Agrawal claimed to the media in an interview this week here.

Sears Retirees Demand $3 Billion Dividend Review

On Thrusday, Sears Canada retirees asked the Ontario Superior Court to appoint a judicial trustee to review dividends paid to shareholders between 2005 and 2013. However, the process may be long and uncertain, says a Professor of Law, in particular because there is no provincial standard of accountability for corporate accountability.

The parties have entered a closed media room to try to reach an agreement on Thursday, but the deal could be postponed until next week.

On the retiree side, there is disappointment, says Larry Moore, a Sears retiree. “We had proposed a name for the trustee, the company made a counter-proposal, but both were rejected by the judge,” he says.

According to him, there is a loss of confidence in the government, which does not act to protect employees in retirement.

In their motion, retirees also say that Sears owes them $ 400 million for unpaid health and life insurance benefits.

The Sears Canada Retirees Group is hoping to recover approximately $ 270 million to help offset their pension reductions. They estimate that these dividends total nearly $ 3 billion, which should be reviewed by a trustee of litigation.

“What they will try to do is to get those dividends paid to the shareholders that have not been paid to the company, especially to pay the pension fund,” says the law professor and of Management at the University of Ottawa, Gilles Levasseur.

During this period, the retailer’s sales and profits were already declining and the pension fund was starting to show a deficit.

A long procedure

The procedure to recover this amount will however be tedious, according to the professor.

It will first be necessary to show that the dividends were paid illegally, or contrary to the law.

The law provides that one can only pay a dividend when the company can pay its debts in the short term. There is also the fact that the organization can operate in the short term and meet its financial deadlines. Finally, was the procedure respected at board level?

Gilles Levasseur, Professor of Law and Management at the University of Ottawa

This approach could therefore take from two to four years, minimum.

“Once we have the decision proving that the dividend was not paid correctly, we have to go and seize the money from the shareholders or the directors … And not sure that the money will still be available. If you paid a dividend, it may have been spent, “he adds.

A new approach

In the past, employees often accepted this kind of situation, according to Gilles Levasseur, because there was no precedent. The fact that former employees are trying to claim their rights is new.

We see the steps of groups of people who say: it’s our life, it’s our salary, it’s our retirement … We lose everything! These people have no other way out, because that is the only solution they have under the law.

Gilles Levasseur, Professor of Law and Management, University of Ottawa

Absence of provincial standards

Retirees are also asking the Ontario government to respond. According to Gilles Levasseur, the problem is that there are no specific provincial standards for the management of these private funds.

One of the solutions would be to make directors accountable personally for failures in the pension fund.

Creating a pension plan compensation fund to pay for default is not the best solution, he adds. “The problem is that it always happens after the event has taken place. If we know that the directors are personally responsible when they decide, we will be sure to meet the deadlines under the act. ”

This is where the shoe pinches, according to him: the weakness of the system does not make these decision-makers accountable.

We must impose a minimum of responsibilities on the directors, enforce minimum capitalization ratios of the pension plan, much like we do for condominiums.

Gilles Levasseur, Professor of Law and Management, University of Ottawa
Despite the cost, it helps to ensure that debts can be paid, he recalls.

Since there is no obligation under the law, it is impossible to ask the government to be responsible.

“You need an independent monitoring system so that it does not happen in other companies. Especially when they go bankrupt, “he concludes.