Former Engineer Takes Legal Action Against Google Over Discrimination

Former Engineer Takes Legal Action Against Google Over Discrimination

A previous worker has taken legal action against Google for harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, and retaliation accusing that the firm removed him over writing internal pro-diversity posts. This data was given by sources that were well aware of the matter to the media in an interview to the media. As per a report in Gizmodo late this week, a former site-reliability engineer and software developer at Google, Tim Chevalier, was removed from work in November last year after he made various internal posts in opposition to sexism and racism.

Former Engineer Takes Legal Action Against Google Over Discrimination

Chevalier had reacted to the anti-diversity memorandum authored by James Damore. Damore is another worker who was fired from the firm in 2017 for criticizing the tech behemoth for its diversity guideline, claimed the above mentioned sources. “Chevalier, who is queer, transgender, and disabled, blames that Google was unsuccessful to defend its minority, female, and LGBTQ workers from harassment on interior forums, but was speedy to burst down on those workers when they expressed their experiences with sexism, racism, and homophobia at the office,” Gizmodo posted.

In an interview to The Verge, Chevalier claimed: “It is a mean irony that the company made an attempt to give good reason for firing me by stating that my posts on social networking displayed bias in opposition to my harassers.” In a latest verdict, the NLRB (National Labour Relations Board) of the U.S. shot down Damorea’s grievance, claiming that Google did not infringe labor rules when it removed him, as per the sources and media insiders.

A lawyer of NLRB claimed that Google removed the computer engineer not for showing the criticism or dissenting views, but over defenseless discriminatory claims in his memorandum, which he had reported to interior discussion forums at the tech behemoth. In his court case filed in a court at California, Damore claimed that Google belittled, ostracized, and punished him as well as a fellow applicant.

Posts from Chevalier were also quoted in lawsuit in opposition to Google form Damore. As per Google, the firm was imposing its policy in opposition to the marketing of harmful labels. “A significant part of our civilization is lively debate. But similar to any place of work, that does not mean anything goes wrong. All workers accept our workplace policies and code of conduct, under which marketing damaging stereotypes on the basis of gender or race is banned,” claimed Gina Scigliano, a spokesperson of Google, to the media.

Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Alter Your Handset In This Calendar Year

Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Alter Your Handset In This Calendar Year

AI or artificial intelligence on handsets is one of the largest drifts to look forward to this year. Here are approaches that AI will alter your handset in 2018.

Smartphone cameras will get better at ‘subject detection’

This is one of the important sections phone manufacturers are operating on with regard to AI. Employing AI, the camera interface of the phone can sense the subject in the camera frame (food, landscape, or fireworks) and consequently regulate the settings for the most excellent possible picture. AI can also recognize facial features and involuntarily improve them for a better portrait.

Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Alter Your Handset In This Calendar Year

Language translator in real-time (without using mobile data)

There are apps for translation obtainable that allow you take a picture with text in one language to other.

On the other hand, these applications employ Internet to upload the picture for examination and then transformation.

With AI for assistance, your handset will be able to translate various languages in real-time without the requirement of an Internet access.

Help you in your daily tasks

An AI system is developed to adapt and learn as it is employed over time. On a handset, the AI will study your pattern of usage and begin applying it on an everyday basis. You may be keeping the handset to silent when you reach office, closing background apps every couple of hours, or switching on Bluetooth at home.

AI will recognize these patterns and computerize these daily procedures over time for you.

Face ID to power more smartphones

Apple iPhone X employs an AI-supported algorithm for its device unlocking Face ID system. Merged with elaborate hardware of the company, the AI system operates to recognize face of the user for security.

Employing AI processing, the iPhone X can recognize face over time with alterations such as beard or spectacles.

Center Readies New Legislation For Recovering Dues From Fraudsters

Center Readies New Legislation For Recovering Dues From Fraudsters

With an attempt to recuperate dues and capture assets from the bank loan non-payers, the Center today has been generating a fresh law. This is the Fugitive Economic Offenders Bill aimed to access and then sold-off the assets of Nirav Modi and his kind of escapees. There will be the creation of a special court whose main job will be look into the aspects of corporate defaulters that are absconding. Back in September the law ministry had sanctioned draft of this Bill. Today, its conversion into a valid law is being worked upon as an integral part of Prime Minister Government’s apt response to the latest PNB scam.

Center Readies New Legislation For Recovering Dues From Fraudsters

It is said that this Bill will be introduced post the Parliament assembles for the second part of our Budget dated on March 6th, 2018. This Bill clearly outlines a person who’s a fugitive economic offender. This kind of person is one with an arrest levied against him for any kind of monetary offense and who had left or is planning to leave the country to avert all kinds of criminal charges and prosecution processes and is also unwilling to get back to India to witness his criminal charges against him.  This Bill draft comprises of many crimes that is inclusive of cheating, conscious loan defaulting, fraud document of all electronic records, non-repayment of past deposits and many more.

The moment this gets the vote of a law, this brand new legislation is all aimed to enhance the investigating bureaus to sequester and also vest any property from the absconding defaulters without any kind of hindrances.  In addition to that, for such a company or a person where absconding criminal is the key person at power, the Court has the discretion to “dis-entitle” that person from the profile. The law appears at the background of the much talked about Rs. 11,400 crore forgery at PNB, which is considered to the second biggest public sector bank in the country.

No Support For Separatists, Trudeau Asserts To Punjab CM

No Support For Separatists, Trudeau Asserts To Punjab CM

Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada affirmed the Chief Minister of Punjab, Amarinder Singh that Canada supports united India and will not be offering any support to the separatist movement, anywhere.

The assurance came from the Canadian Prime Minister after Amarinder Singh raised the issue of Khalistan and asked for his cooperation to detangle the components in Canada which are working towards the destabilization of Punjab in order to create a separate state for the Sikhs.

No Support For Separatists, Trudeau Asserts To Punjab CM

After a brief meeting of 40 minutes, Singh said that the Khalistan issue was raised by him to address the primary concern as capital is flowing in from numerous countries that also include Canada.

The CM of Punjab communicated with the 6 ministers who were accompanying the Canadian PM. Previously, he had refused to interact with the Defense Minister of Canada, Harjit Singh Sajjan as he believed some of the ministers of Trudeau’s cabinet to be sympathizers of Khalistan.

However, the PM made it very clear that he has never supported the separatist sentiment and will never do the same.

During the meeting, he said that he is well aware of the said movement in Quebec and also assured that he is aware of the dangers associated with it.

A list of 9 operatives from Canada, who are alleged to be associated with the crimes in Punjab, has been handed over to Trudeau. These people have been financing the terrorist actions and also offering financial assistance to them.

Trudeau assured Singh that he will be taking care of the concerns pointed by him. He will definitely look forward to enhancing the ties between Canada and India, especially Punjab.

After the family of Trudeau along with the ministers visited the Golden Temple, the meeting took place.

The CM sought cooperation from Canada in the issues like crime, drugs, and terrorism in favor of the international and national security.

Planes Diverted As Bigwigs Hail Down For Investor Meet At Lucknow

Gautam Adani, the chairman of Reliance Industries Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Mahindra Group Anand Mahindra, Chairman of Adani Group Gautam Adani, Chairman of Tata Sons N Chandrasekaran, Kumar Mangalam Birla the chairman of Birla Group,

The pioneers of the industry like Gautam Adani, the chairman of Reliance Industries Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Mahindra Group Anand Mahindra, Chairman of Adani Group Gautam Adani, Chairman of Tata Sons N Chandrasekaran, Kumar Mangalam Birla the chairman of Birla Group, along with the 18 other Union Ministers are all set to fly to Lucknow to attend the investor’s summit of 2018. The parking bays at the Lucknow Airport, allotted to the chartered aircraft, are packed. Even some of the flights had to be diverted to the nearby locations like Varanasi and Allahabad to accommodate the parking space of the aircraft.

Gautam Adani, the chairman of Reliance Industries Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Mahindra Group Anand Mahindra, Chairman of Adani Group Gautam Adani, Chairman of Tata Sons N Chandrasekaran, Kumar Mangalam Birla the chairman of Birla Group,

Security measures have also been tightened at the airport in Lucknow, which is also known as Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport. Since numerous VVIPs will be visiting the summit and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be inaugurating the same, the authorities are not leaving any stones unturned to integrate the security concern.

Not only the airplanes but also numerous cars from the luxury segments are parked in a row to accommodate the VVIPs who are about to make the event a successful one. Even the UP police officers were asked to wear a formal dress rather than the normal Khaki uniform, as they will be guiding the respected personnel from the airport.

This is the first instance when all the big shots from across the country will be visiting Lucknow to participate in such an event. Some of the other VVIPs who will be visiting the summit are Sudhir Mehta from Torrent Group, President of Cadila Health Care Pankaj Patel, Kulin Lal bhai the Executive Director for the Arvind Mills, Chairman of JSW Group Sajjan Jindal, Essel Group Chairman Subhash Chandra, and President of GMR Group GM Rao.

The summit will be starting on Wednesday and will end on Thursday with a gracious presence of the President Ram Nath Kovind.

AI And ML To Affect Indian Workplace Practices

AI And ML To Affect Indian Workplace Practices

More than 60% of producers in India think that new-age techs are going to affect their place of work practices. They believe that it the upcoming big disturber in the sector, a new report claimed this week. As per a worldwide report by Adobe, the software major, more than 50% respondents did not feel worried by machine learning or artificial intelligence (AI). Adobe involved over 5,000 marketing and creative professionals all over the Asia Pacific (APAC) area.

AI And ML To Affect Indian Workplace Practices

On the other hand, 27% in India claimed that they were very concerned about the affect of these new techs. Creative professionals in India are worried that new techs will take over their occupations. But they recommended that since they grip machine learning and AI, creative professionals will be allowed to elevate their value via design thinking.

“While machine learning and AI offer a break to save creative professionals and mechanize processes in daily production, it is not a substitute to the job of creativity,” claimed Managing Director of Adobe South Asia, Kulmeet Bawa, to the media in an interview.

Speaking of the profit of Adobe, the shares of the company were up at record level of $146 almost by 4% in after-market deal this week. Adobe has been going deeper into subscription services based on cloud. These services have a more unsurprising income stream in opposition to the income from the trade of software that are packaged and licensed. Income in digital media business of the company, whose most prestigious product is the Creative Cloud, increased to $1.21 Billion by 29% in the quarter one, thrashing estimate of the analysts of $1.17 Billion.

Creative Cloud comprises the web video building application Flash and popular photo-editing software of the company Photoshop. The Behance online creative community of the company has more than 9 Million users.

Niti Ayog’s Ex Vice Chairman Is Apprehensive About 2018 Budget

Niti Ayog’s Ex Vice Chairman Is Apprehensive About 2018 Budget

Arvind Panagariya who was the Vice-Chairman of Niti Aayog, analyzing the Union Budget of current financial year wrote in Economic Times criticizing the budget stating it takes us back to the pre-1991 Indian economy. He mentioned that when the custom duties on some products were increased in December 2017, he considered that this step was to raise the Government revenue but he was disappointed when in the budget, duties on various other products like footwear, kites, vehicles and mobile phones were increased. This has received criticism from many economists.

Niti Ayog’s Ex Vice Chairman Is Apprehensive About 2018 Budget

He added that as per Hasmukh Adhia who is the revenue secretary, the duties were increased to protect the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

Ashwani Mahajan of the Swadeshi Jagran Manch voiced that Arvind Panagariya has mistaken in comparing the current situation to that of pre-1991.

Subramanian Swamy expressed his views regarding this by stating that Panagariya was a part of this economic establishment of India for almost 3.5 years and has taken part in all the private Government discussions and such a judgment by him on the current budget surprised Swamy.

Mahajan mentioned that earlier in many initiatives of Government, Panagariya tried to have his influence on the decisions. BJP had proclaimed that they would increase the Minimum Support Price in 2014 election if they won. But the increase in MSP by 50% was not supported because Panagariya was against this, so it took such a long time to bring that into action.

Swami and Mahajan, speaking against Panagariya, said that he was not well suited to be the head of Niti Aayog, after all, he was a foreigner and was not aware of the economic establishments of India. Swamy stated that people like Dr Vaidyanathan would be better at such positions because they are the economists with Indian roots.

Impossible to win with some Tim Hortons coffee cups

Tim Hortons coffee cups from the “ROLL Roll to Win” contest were printed without a message telling customers if they had won or not. These goblets have been distributed in the Atlantic and leave customers in the dark.

Consumers have a bad surprise when they finish their hot drink, bought at Tim Hortons. Tabs, on which they should learn whether they have won a prize or not, carry no message.

The company explains that there was a printing error. “It’s an unfortunate mistake by a supplier who is getting a small amount of XL size cups in the Atlantic and Alberta,” Tim Hortons said in a statement on Thursday afternoon.

The company is unable to confirm how many cups are affected by this error, but it ensures that the amount of prizes distributed to Canadians has not been affected.

Many customers, especially in Newfoundland and Labrador, have reported defective cups.

The company claims that customers who have received these cups can visit any Tim Hortons restaurant and get a free hot drink.

Air Canada flight forced to turn back due to turbulence

An Air Canada plane en route to San Jose, Costa Rica returned to Toronto early Thursday, because there was a lot of turbulence.

Emergency services in the Peel area confirm that they received a call from Pearson Airport shortly before 7:00 pm and sent vehicles on site.

According to Air Canada spokeswoman Isabelle Arthur, two flight attendants were transported to the hospital because they suffered minor injuries.

Early reports suggest that the plane was an Air Canada Rouge flight.

The passengers left in the late evening on board another aircraft.

With files from the Canadian Press

Getting married in the hospital while waiting for a new heart

With an increasingly frail heart and waiting for a heart transplant, Marvin Switzer was able to attend his daughter’s wedding thanks to the generosity of the Toronto General Hospital’s medical staff.

Switzer, 55, was bedridden for months in November 2017 at the Peter Munk Heart Center at Toronto General Hospital. His situation was deteriorating, causing the fear of the worst to his daughter Jennifer. She could not imagine that her father was not attending her wedding.

The nursing staff either. They transformed the atrium of the hospital. Exceptionally, on November 25, tables with cutlery were installed there. A pianist even went there for the ceremony.

I asked them if we could borrow a conference room to organize a small wedding ceremony. I was not given a conference room, but rather an unforgettable ceremony in the atrium.

Jennifer Switzer

For the hospital staff, the gesture was natural. “Our patients are all members of our big family,” says Dr. Jeremy Kobulnik of Peter Munk Heart Center.

A dream come true

It’s a dream come true for Mrs. Switzer and the whole family. The excitement was at its height when at the beginning of the ceremony the bride entered the room with her father, who was attached to an intravenous infusion bag.

It was absolutely magical. I was very moved that my father could walk by my side at the beginning of the ceremony.

Jennifer Switzer, daughter of Marvin

And since luck is on the side of the Switzer family, Marvin received a new heart four days after the ceremony.

Marvin Switzer now invites people to sign their organ donation card. “That’s what saved my life and now, thanks to my new heart, I hope to one day be able to play with my grandchildren,” says Switzer.